Tejas Brothers


Date(s) - Friday, 06/26/2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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If you like Freddy Fender and George Jones, you’ll love the Tejas Brothers!

This Tex-Mex Honky Tonk band is from Fort Worth, TX

The results are in…thanks to the Tejas Brothers, the accordion is now “Cool”! In countries all over the world, closet accordion players are being revered as national treasures! Not really, but… someday…maybe?Musical boundaries are being broken, and sonic cultures come together at every performance. While their show is packed with original tunes, containing catchy melodies and unforgettable hooks, fans are also amazed at their ability to add a great new flavor to familiar classic songs.Live shows are fun, funny, amazing, breathtaking, inspiring, and honest. The Tejas Brothers are masters at making the audience fall in love with them at each and every performance! Fans at the shows have told the Tejas Brothers, “You guys look like you’re having so much FUN!” The Tejas Brothers response is, “We ARE!”

And, so will you!