Menacing Skies: An Afternoon with Dan Henry

Menacing Skies: An Afternoon with Dan Henry


August 23, 2020    
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Menacing Skies:  Texas Weather and Stories of Survival contains over 100 full-color pictures and graphics across 286 pages.

Imagine:  you’re blindsided on a dark highway by a half-mile-wide tornado.  Or worse:  you’re aboard a commercial jetliner brought to the ground by a powerful thunderstorm-the deadliest plane crash in Texas history.
In Menacing Skies, Dan Henry shares incredible stories of survival from people who have come face-to-face with nature’s most violent storms.  Dan has covered every type of weather event during his three-decade career as a meteorologist. In this book, he collaborates with other top experts in the field to unravel the mysteries of science that drive our weather.  Why do some thunderstorms spawn destructive tornadoes, and others don’t?  What is “supercharging” hurricanes like Harvey, enabling them to unleash historic flooding?  How will climate change affect our weather-and our lives-in the next 100 years?

Whether you’re an aspiring storm chaser or someone who runs for shelter at the first clap of thunder, Menacing Skies will leave you awed by the power of the human spirit and better prepared for whatever severe weather you encounter.

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