What’s Your Limp? – LIVE

What's Your Limp? - LIVE


July 31, 2022    
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Actor Jordan Ross (The Chosen, 1883) is bringing his podcast, What’s Your Limp?, to Arlington Music Hall. Jordan talks to actors and other public figures about their insecurities & struggles in an attempt to show his listeners they aren’t alone and to promote vulnerable, meaningful conversations. In his first ever live podcast show with an audience, Jordan is bringing his Chosen cast mates, Paras Patel (Matthew) and Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene) to share their stories, followed by an audience Q&A. If you ever feel isolated, not good enough, struggle with depression, addiction, physical ailments or anything else – this is the show for you. Everyone has a limp, whether it’s physical or internal. Our goal is to help you learn to LOVE your limp.

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