Erick Willis Headlining Voices for Voices-Tour of the Decades

Erick Willis Headlining Voices for Voices-Tour of the Decades


July 24, 2022    
3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Voices for Voices is the 1 st Annual Benefit Concert for the North Texas Laryngectomy Society (NTLS), a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves and supports head and neck cancer patients and their families. Founded in 2010 by Yadro Ducic, MD and Katrina Jensen, MA, CCC-SLP, NTLS was originally formed as a support group for laryngectomy patients – those requiring removal of the larynx and voice box. When the group learned a fellow member was unable to pay for the supplies he needed to breathe and talk, they decided to host a bake sale – earning enough to provide him with 6 months of supplies. That compassion and generous spirit has driven NTLS to grow and evolve into the largest 501c3 non-profit organization of its kind in the South! Although initially founded to serve the laryngectomy population, NTLS has since amended its charter to now assist those affected by all forms of head and neck cancer. Head and neck cancer is unique in its incredible disruption to the daily quality of life. How a person looks, eats, breathes, talks, and uses their voice can be greatly impacted by this devastating disease. By providing medical supplies, financial assistance, education, and emotional support, NTLS strives to allow survivors to live their best lives, both during and after cancer treatment.

More information about NTLS can be found on the organization’s website:

Join us for a Tour of the Decades at the 2022 Voices for Voices Benefit Concert – featuring ErickWillis, ThunderPants, Jack Mason, Good Latimer, The Herald, Duff, Allison Johnson and more!

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