Arielle’s Burlesque: Foolish Games Burlesque Show*

Date(s) - Saturday, 04/01/2023
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


18+ with valid ID

What is Burlesque? It is performance art with choreography, elaborate costuming, crowd interaction, all set to music. It’s all about the art of the tease. Performers will have minimal clothing, but the required things will be covered. Feel free to look up videos of performances on YouTube to get a general idea.

Arielle’s Burlesque Productions focuses on the seductive power of the performers. The choreography, music and costuming is designed to make you have a physical reaction. It truly is art.

This will be the 5th annual show I have had at the beautiful Arlington Music Hall, and it keeps getting bigger and more popular. This is a large venue of 734 seats, enormous for most Burlesque style shows. That does not stop me from wanting to pack the place.

There are vendors selling their wares during the hour of preshow and during Intermission. They are always well received because they bring such wonderful things for you to buy.

There is also raffle prizes and special VIP packages that are from the performers themselves.

Typically, this is a <3 hour show that showcases 13 performances. Anything from traditional Burlesque, to a more modern neo style, and our Headliner is a professional lyralist. An aerialist, Icky Muffin, uses a round Lyra for doing performances in the air. It is a true honor to have them in my show. Very talented! Feel free to YouTube them as well.

Additional performers will be announced mid January.

There are full bars and real food concessions inside the venue for you to enjoy.

Keep checking back to for more updates.

There is free parking throughout the downtown Arlington area. As well as countless restaurants and bars.

We look forward to seeing you for this Foolish Games show on Saturday April 1st, Fool’s Day.