Alex Miller*

Date(s) - Saturday, 11/20/2021
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Alex Miller is a bonafide torch-carrying champion of traditional Country music, with an arresting voice, an infectious personality and charm to spare. Everything about Alex is exciting; he is wholesome and inspiring – with a baby face and an eager enthusiasm – and an air of explosive expectation surrounds him. Those who’ve met him believe that this young man is going places … and his loyal fans are ready to follow where he leads.

Launched to global audiences during American Idol, Season 19, Alex is still coming to terms with the changes the Idol experience brought to his life. “It’s been a complete 360-degree-turnaround,” Alex reflects. “Crazy, but good. There have definitely been some tradeoffs, but I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right now.”