Blaze of Glory: The Bon Jovi Experience

Blaze of Glory: The Bon Jovi Experience


September 22, 2023    
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Get ready to rock out and experience the ultimate Bon Jovi tribute with “Blaze of Glory: The Bon Jovi Experience” on September 22, 2023 –

Blaze of Glory THE Bon Jovi experience…

…, is an incredible almost uncanny reproduction of a live Bon Jovi concert. In fact they are so true to the actual artist that they were selected to appear on AXS TV’s nationwide live broadcast World’s Greatest Tribute Bands over every other Bon Jovi tribute band in North America, followed by headlining the California State Fair and even going international playing the Miller Light Experience in San Pedro Sula Honduras! Couple that exposure with drawing tens of thousands of fans to festivals and events across the nation every year and you’ve got the go to Bon Jovi tribute band.

Formed in January 2007 Blaze of Glory features the vocal talents of Trae Doss, channeling the signature larger-than-life showmanship of Jon Bon Jovi. Completing the amazingly realistic harmony pairing of Jon and Richie is guitarist Roy Lee Nelson who delivers the soulful guitar and vocal styling of Richie Sambora seemingly effortlessly.

On keyboards, Boris Korol has painstakingly recreated the sounds and effects in order to emulate the textural artistry of Dave Bryan.

Bassist Dave Harvey flawlessly executes the tasteful and intricate driving low end tones made famous by Hugh McDonald. Flash and panache have nothing on Wayne Stokely who brings to life the hard-hitting, solid rhythm, and energetic playing style of drummer Tico Torres.

Blaze of Glory members all have years of live performance experience among them and they are all very dedicated to recreating the feeling and sound of Bon Jovi. Live shows from coast to coast and north to south have made this the ultimate Bon Jovi tribute band in America.