Lucia Micarelli

Lucia Micarelli


November 17, 2018    
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


A supremely gifted classical musician, Lucia Micarelli is globally renowned for her featured soloist work for Josh Groban, Chris Botti, Jethro Tull, her starring role on the critically acclaimed HBO series Treme and her new PBS special. These diverse influences have fused together for a truly electrifying evening of music, flowing seamlessly from classical to jazz to traditional fiddle music, Rock and Americana. Lucia Micarelli is unlike anything heard before from a violinist/vocalist…all bound together by her trademark emotional vulnerability and technical wizardry.

“The woman who makes Treme worth watching.”  – Esquire

“A violinist of heart-melting talent.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Dazzling skills and a Mona Lisa smile.” – The Washington Post


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